About Us

The community is based primarily on CSGO players, some of which also play games like Killing Floor 2, DayZ and many more.

The staff team is very small, and we like to keep it that way, since more people with power seem to make more conflicts in gaming communities, though when this is said, we aim to make each and everyone in the community as happy as possible, doing polls etc in the attempt to find out what members want.

Patrick 'Ptx'

Community Founder, Developer & Maintenance

Mathias 'MiniZagGi'

Support, Management, Administration


Trick Agency was born on the first of september 2012. On this very day only one knew of it''s existence, his name-tag was PtxDK. His real name was Patrick and he noticed something interesting?... Maybe something about trick? Pa.trick maybe? or was it [email protected]? You probably guessed it by now, but to make it clear, the guy wanted to have an email called [email protected] so he bought the domain Trick.Agency. He figured that teamspeak was a nice platform, so he threw in such a voice server as well.

After some time he brought a few friends to the server known as Smigel and Methelis, whom didn''t seem too interested, they thought why not just use skype? It had worked fine for years. But Pt was persuasive and kept being a pain in the ass to make them go use teamspeak, using frases such as "You wouldn''t have that problem on teamspeak" until they eventually surrendered themselves to use teamspeak.

For many months Trick.Agency only consisted of about three people. But on a cold winter evening Pt went into yet another Competitive game in CSGO and came by some guy called MiniZagGi, he invited the guy into the teamspeak server like he had done with random strangers on the internet so many times before.

Mini even joined the teamspeak, some time passed by and Pt started noticing that there was something odd with Mini guy, he was so consistently coming back onto the teamspeak that.. Could it be? Could this really be someone who actually liked using this tiny teamspeak server? He consistently came back on the server, eventually he was even more online than Pt himself and so Mini asked Pt for some privileges because he was tired of random spammers joining the server, so Pt though to himself, "I mean it''s not like there is many people on the server anyways, so why not give this kid a chance" and so Mini had gotten himself some privileges on the server.

And with that Mini started inviting every single awesome player he met in CSGO to join the teamspeak, starting the first era of Trick.Agency''s greatest time. From this point on the community had a consistent player-base of at least 10 players each day.

Once this consistent player-base size was established, it kept raising until it reached a point where the free 32 slots teamspeak license were not enough anymore, and thus the server where upgraded to 64 slots while Trick.Agency also started receiving donations from its player-base to keep up with bills, our highest client-peak was reached on the 23''th of December 2015, on which date 58 clients where online.

We are Trick Agency